3 Pet Peeves

[Day 15 of 30 Day Writing Challenge: Three pet peeves]

“Eww!” – I find that I have little patience for people who are fond of using the two-syllable utterance of “Eww!” to decline something or express that some mundane thing is not for them. Alright, it is not just the word -although that phrase in particular instantly sets me on edge- but the utter pretentiousness of putting people down for something they might like and you don’t -ugh!

Celebrity gossip/news. – I don’t care who is getting in trouble or dating/marrying/divorcing who. Do not waste my time or airspace with shit that’s not my business.

Morning Talk Radio  – I find it hard to express my seething hatred for drive time radio. Take my two peeves above and get obnoxious people to talk about nothing but that. Oh, absolutely, that’s how I want to start my day.