7 years

Day 14 of 30 Day Writing Challenge: Your life in seven years

Seven years from now I’m going to be traveling because I will have goddamned earned it by then. I think would like to be travelling with my son -at least for a little bit of the trip.

Oh, this could be when I do on my dream trip: The Ring of Fire Tour on my motorcycle. Hmm. That means I will have taken extraordinary care of my body and perhaps found a way to reverse my aging. (I am taking notes now.)

So I will have earned this trip because I busted my ass for six years solid on my creative endeavors. Oh, lets say I finished a book or two or three. Probably wouldn’t have netted me much but for the amount of work I’m imagining I’ll be doing, I think travel would be a nice reward.  I’m not talking about traveling in style necessarily. Frugal but well researched would be nice.

In Seven years I think I’ll be living somewhere else, living a much simpler life. I’ll probably still have a day-job but I think it would be more oriented toward my creative side -so a better fit than my current day job. My projects would bring in some extra cash. It’ll be nice.

I will like to have resolved some of my psychological, emotional challenges by then. It would be good to be in a better mind, heart space. (Taking more notes.)

If you can’t tell I am kind of dancing around this one without fully jumping in.  I’m not in an especially good place right now but I promised myself I’d write daily, even if it’s these stupid writing prompts.

God, I’m so fucking