Day 10 of 30 Day Writing Challenge: A fruit you dislike and why

I honestly can’t think of a fruit that I don’t like. I mean, perhaps there are features of some fruits that I dislike, but it seems the unpleasantness or inconvenience have never outweighed the pleasure eating a fruit brings.

I suspect, if that were so, then the fruit would have never gained the popularity it has today. Early man & woman would’ve said, “Oh, fuck this it’s just not worth the fuss!” and that’d be the end of said fruit ever seeing its way to a produce cart at the market today.

Then, there are what I like to call -the impostors! They are fruit that got too big for their britches; thought they’d be better than the other fruits. So much so that the stopped being sweet. Put their serious game face on and Sucros got kicked to the curb. Talkin bout “Excuse, me. But do I taste like a fruit to you? I think not!” Yeah. Got us all thinking they are vegetables. Sittin all high and mighty up with the veggies at the super market. Too good to be a fruit now.

I’m looking at you, Tomato and Avacado. You too, Cucumber -not nearly sweet enough! Pumpkin! That’s right -I KNOW YOU ARE A FRUIT! DON’T EVEN TRY TO DENY IT!

You impostor make me sick. You could’ve spoken up with dumb humans labelled you. But did you? Nope. Assholes. I got your number. Imma tell everyone not to believe you.