Nary A Fuck Nor Spoon

Day 9 of 30 Day Writing Challenge: Your feelings on ageism

It sucks. Obviously. The young and the old discounted and diminished in the eyes of the other. That’s just lovely.

I feel this another of many -isms that are tossed into the bonfire of Whats-Fucked-Up-With-Our-World-Today. Shit that gets under our skin and makes us shoot sparks from our teeth we’re grinding them shut so hard in our seething of how WRONG it all is.

And yet, if there is a scale of magnitude similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I figure ageism would not be the worst -ism out there.

Still, it sucks.

I feel I have a dog in this fight. Rather, two frothy rabid dogs. I kinda get stung from pitchforks weilded by ageists on both sides.

I am both too old and too young to be me. I have developmental and dissociative setbacks to thank for this strange place I find myself. I don’t even know if I’m where I’m at due to circumstances of nature or nurture. Both? It doesn’t matter. This is arrested development. Failure to launch. A samsara merry-go-round.

I used to think it didn’t really matter. I guess it didn’t until I had a kid. It was fine if I fucked up my life but now -Oh god. Now.

I am too old and too young for this and I have nary a fuck nor spoon to spare. Anybody want to come at me with ageist bullshit is gonna want to think twice.