Ten Almost Interesting Things About Me

Day 4 of 30 Day Writing Challenge – 10 Interesting facts about me

1) I ride a motorcycle. This would not be interesting if I were a man. I’d like to live in a world where riding a motorcycle wasn’t interesting. MOTORBIKES AND SCOOTERS FOR EVERYONE!

2) I was a motorcycle courier in Los Angeles some time ago. That is interesting no matter who you are. No, interesting, is too mild a word. Insane. Yes, that was insane.

3) My favorite writing implement is a fountain pen. I use fountain pens almost exclusively. They can be messy -worth it though.

4) I visited friends in Anchorage, AK once and stayed for four years.

5) I have an irrational hatred of Drake’s face. I don’t mind the man so much, I don’t follow celebrity lifestyles or gossip so I could care less about what he is up to. His music is okay, for the most part. But I see his face on the internet or on a magazine and I just want to punch it. No good reason why. Maybe it’s that beard with its too crisp lines? The eyes? Eyebrows? Forehead? I dunno.

6) I have characters that live in my head and sometimes step forward to give a running commentary on stuff going on in my life. For instance when I watch a heist movie, I’ve got a couple of characters that are of that roguish nature that will critique the movie character’s methods. “No, no, no. All wrong. You wait before you spring that bit because it’ll give you more time on the back end to…etc.” I think this is a common thing for people who write or are storytellers.

7) They say high school is the best time of your life. Lies: high school was a gray and featureless dream. I never went to any high school games or dances or events. No prom. No homecoming. No friends. Nothing.

8) I fall in love about 2x a day. People fascinate and enchant me.

9) I don’t give up. Not in that fiercely heroic and defiant way. More like a zombie or headless cockroach kinda way. Its like I don’t know any better. I keep getting up when perhaps it would be wiser to stay down or find another way

10) I named my cat after a motorcycle