I live in the bottomest corner of Nevada in a sun-blasted hole called The Meadows. I'm a Time Warrior. This means I steal and scavenge scraps of time to form thin envelopes of creativity within the construct of reality. My greatest ally and nemesis is my five year old son, The Nacho -a shameless spinner of tales. (I wonder where he gets it.) Together with the boyo, Nauctshea The Catgirl (aka spouse), Vincent the Vengeful (bitey-cat and attack pillow) and the anthropomorphized motorcyle, Zero* I have embarked on a mission to take over the world or at the very least give it a vague sense of unease -baby steps, you understand.

*an inquiry was sent to the compost worms asking The Collective if they wanted to be included in this bio but the annelids have declined the honor (although they remain complicit in world domination.)